Hey, smile Betta Bites are good for your Betta fish, too. You can also feed him frozen brine shrimp. Very tasty to Betta fishes. fish A mad dash to the top of the bowl could be for various reasons - he could be going to eat a flake or he could be having a hard time getting back to the suface of the water to get some air. fish Also, they don't so much get depressed as it is that they are just not feeling well physically. Although, if you get another Betta fish (a healthy one hopefully) and place him in his own separate fish tank next to your first fish's home, then the 2 betta fish will encourage each other to keep swimming around and around their own individual living spaces safely separated by the walls of their own habitat. This keeps them from ever seeming depressed or bored. If they do look like they might be, then they are pretty much definitely sick and need medical attention because with another betta fish to keep him company in the aquarium next door - betta fish are always happy and take an interest in each other and everything and everyone around them. Physical health is the key to happiness for them - but they don't like to just sit in a room alone all the time. A betta friend is a good solution to seeming boredom and depression. Of course, they do have to be in separate fish tanks because you know another name for Betta fish is Siamese Fighting Fish. Of course, we never let them fight - that would be cruel. We do our best to keep them safe and happy. They are part of our family.

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