Hello Everyone,

I do chores everyday and then I have weeklies, monthlies and three-monthlies. The nearly last category is every-now-and-then and the last category is when I have to!

I try to stick to these otherwise my time management just goes AWOL and I get fussed when I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Dailies include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and floors. I do a load of washing whenever (daily if necessary) but I never let it pile up. I iron while planning my next day (have a recorder next to me that I talk into).

Weeklies include steaming floors and walls, dusting window sills and tops of doors and frames of pictures etc; monthlies include emptying clothes/shoes and linen cupboards and repacking and sorting. Three monthlies are catchup on whatever I have skipped on or carried over (like defrosting the Fridge and freezer etc.)Weeklies are done on Wednesdays after 3pm when I take an early day.

I shop as an early bird on Saturdays (get the bargains too) and use the rest of the morning to sort out what I need for the weekend (friends over etc) then I relax and take my time out to read, hobby etc.

I spend around two hours a day in my garden (have a helper) and cook for pleasure on Sundays when I make food ahead that I freeze when I can.

I slip up a lot, have to keep starting over again but this is very quickly so that I am not overwhelmed. I declutter daily, give away something if I buy something new and try to keep sane.

I have left out a lot but am sure you see what I mean. I have a dog so his baths fit into the every now and then category though he does get fed daily! It takes a lot to run a home as we all know and do, but I keep trying to stay planned and regular and focused. Otherwise I would go crazy.

I am a very busy startaGenner; but we get there.


Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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