@Sandy: I love cashew curry (part of my Goan ancestry!), sounds delicious. Cooking should be adaptable & flexible :-) I myself like to travel off the beaten culinary path & think outside the box (while my more elder traditional family members roll their eyes but still enjoy eating what I made at the same time). Mix it up! Indian food can be intimidating so I really appreciate when non-Indians make Indian food at home, that's awesome!

@Les: I love palak paneer too & I used to live in SJ for many years before moving to FL. Lots of great Indian restaurants in the Bay area. I often think of mole as a Mexican curry of sorts :-)

@Lyn: the foil packets of ready made food are convenient but are notorious for containing extremely high amounts of various preservatives & especially salt! It's healthier & tastier to make your own. Dal Makhani can also be made in a slow cooker as well :-) Indians are great hosts, you should have definitely shown up with a plate!

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