bluepoet, I am single so my schedule may not be suitable for you and hubby. When I worked my 9 to 5, I had certain days for chores, it is still pretty much the same for me now. I liked to do my laundry on Monday, when I worked, I often put dirty clothes in the machine as soon as I got home. I did this because I worked at a pretty stressful job, not every day was stressful but no day was a piece of cake. I often worked late but my laundry schedule stood--I found it calming.

I know it is a matter of preference, however, in this instance, I must agree with your husband. I prefered to work a couple of hours each night after work. This way I had much of the weekend for reading or doing something else I enjoyed after a quick pick up/clean up around the house. But, truth be told, I found it relaxing doing something that did not require a lot of thought. For my bathroom floor I used and continue to use Swifter refill cloths without the mop. I do my bathroom floors on my knees and it takes no time at all, that's one of my weekend things. As is very early morning weekend shopping *before* a crowd get out. I never shopped on Friday after work because many people had that idea.