[quote=Jilly]I really have no more patience for those kind of remarks - to snap out of it and chin up, and pull myself up by my bootstraps. I am also pretty sick of hearing, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." At this point I just tell people it's a medical condition, which it is, and you would not expect a person with a broken leg to use the stairs. I am doing everything I can to help decrease the stigma of mental illness by being very open about it all. It's nothing shameful. I just have to work on not being so greatly annoyed when people who don't understand make that kind of ignorant remark. [/quote] ------------------------------------- Oh Jilly, I so understand this. One thing that really gives me the pip is hearing people who have never (yet) known great pain, telling those who do, that they only need to 'think positive' and all their troubles will disappear. Likewise, the negative ones who just look at you like you're ready to buy your coffin, and tell you to 'get used to it' because 'at your age, you have to expect it'! By crikey that gets me going! A medical specialist once told me, after I'd had a small stroke, that I suffered with two terminal diseases - Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency and Old Age! I nearly picked up my stick and whacked him with it! I'm afraid I have little patience with people who make those comments to someone who is genuinely ill. Melwyn.