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Believe it or not I started selling life insurance for Primerica in September of this year when I got my temporary life insurance license. My boss has been selling it for years.

Yes, times are hard right now - but he firmly believes in getting at least 1 year term insurance and renew as you can. So many folks, including me, never get around to doing this along with a will. I pray to God I can do BOTH soon as I would hate to leave my only child (now 25) burdened with trying to bury me and dealing with the courts in regards to my possessions. In ending a "living" will is also good to have as it states your wishes. My daughter hated me telling her my wishes, but it was something we needed to talk about. LOL, I am also selling the prepaid legal part of the business too.

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A family member passed away recently and it truly brought home the need to get my finances and other things in order, starting with life insurance. What are the differences between term (I think that's what it's called) or permanent life insurance. How much of a difference are there in rates?
I know I can get life insurance for my kids, can I get it on my parents as well?
I know my ex husband said at one point he had life insurance on me, even though he was married to someone else (a scary thought...lol) is that even possible?
Just looking for some insight on the topic of life insurance.