Climate Change and Gardening - Connie Krochmal, Landscaping

Thanks for your article Connie. When in the countryside it is easy to see that Global warming is not a myth.

As you say everything is happening earlier than it used to, the birds are nesting much too early, everything is blossoming long before expected, and at least here harvesting has been going on for some time. It had not started by this time of year not so long ago.

Germany, and other European countries have �seen the signs� for years, and attempted to improve their own situations, however at the moment it seems as if only the European nations are interested, or even believe in it.

There is a Kyoto Protocol which will not solve everything but would be a small start in the right direction. An acknowledgement at least that there is a problem. However as recently as the June conference Canada, Japan and Russia would not commit for second time, while the world�s two largest greenhouse gas emitters, which is thought to be a major cause of global warming, China and the USA are not bound to the protocol.

I have read Eugene Linden�s 'The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather and the Destruction of Civilisations' that you recommend, it is a fascinating book well worth finding and reading, and the warning it gives us is stark.

For us and even more especially for our children, and those who come after us.

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