Do you use food banks or food pantries?

Last night I went to one in my community for the first time and I got so much food! It really was exciting and a lovely experience. Right now I am working hard to come up with ways to use everything before it goes bad. smile

here is what I got -

five pound bag of chopped lettuce
four loaves of bread - two artisanal, one wheat, one farmhouse white
two containers greek yogurt
two zuchinnis (Huge)
Four summer squash (huge)
two acorn squash
a ton of fresh shrimp
large package of potato chips
several candy bars
sleeve of water crackers
can of butter beans
package of dried pinto beans
one liter of soda
five large white onions
about 30 small potatoes

Right now I am focused on using up the lettuce, bread and summer squashes/zuchinnis. I think the acorn squash, potatoes and onions will keep for a bit.

It is so nice to have all this food to eat. Although i am limited in my options, I can mix these things with food I already have, to make some nice meals.

I am thinking of getting some ground beef, cheese and tomatoes to go with the shredded lettuce and zuchinnis. I can make taco sandwiches using the artisanal bread! The unflavored greek yogurt can serve as sour cream.

I am also wondering if i can make some sort of bread pudding with the acorn squash and the farm white bread, and use the vanilla greek yogurt as a filling with some spices?

Any ideas? I am a miserable chef but would like to use the food up. BTW - I hate shrimp and gave all that to DH. smile

Ever use a food pantry? How did you feel? Do you have any tricks for using up food you are gifted?