You're awesome Lisa. That is all just great advice and what you said about "Having extreme feelings of hating being a parent does not mean you are a bad parent." is true!

I don't know how many times I wished I was not a mother but that never meant I did not love my son or wished I didn't have him. I do everything for him but I have days when I can't stand parenting (the job).

Case in point: We have a chore list that is worth $5 a week. Any of the kids are free to do the chores but the only time they do them is when they want something i.e. a $250 3DS.

son says "man, it's gonna take me forever to save up at this weekly rate."

mom says "if you had been doing your chores since this list got started consistently you would already be half way there.

son say "grumble grumble, can't you just buy it for me in advance and I'll pay you back"

mom says "sorry I'm not a bank. I don't lend money, you need to earn your money and if you don't like my system then come up with your own and we'll talk about how to make that work."

This goes on and on and on for days every single week and it makes me want to rip my hair out and cry and yell and HATE the whole mother job but I presist with this lesson because I know I chose this job and it's my responsibility to raise a responsible kid who knows that when you want something (toys, respect, etc.) you have to earn it.

It's o.k. to hate being a mother but you NEVER take it out on your kids ever! You do your best, love them, and if you need help with your negative emotions you get help as Lisa said.

Again great reply Lisa!

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