Hi Everyone:

I don't know about you, but I HATE it when folks mean well when they say "you will find another job soon"... And then look at you like you are just plain crazy because you are not "smiling" in response.

Hey "employed" folks, we appreciate the cheering up, but now it is about having a job(lol).

I know there were days when I had to make myself get out of the bed because I knew "mentally" that my actions would eventually pay off with some income.

Take for example, the temp job I have been on for 2 weeks now. For 2 weeks/lol, I had been walking up to the agency to sign up for work. Finally the list got short and I got the call and then everyone remembered that EVERY day I was at that door when they opened up smile

And yes, I was getting very discouraged, but God knew it was time to hand me my "blessing"(assignment) and to him I say THANK YOU!!!

As the saying goes, HE does not give you more than you can handle...

Now your turn - your thoughts on dealing with unemployment "mentally"...

The mind is the base for all of our activity and if we have it where it is needs to be - even when things look hopeless, we still hang on to our HOPE.