Breakfast this morning is a nice fat green snake!! Went out the front door to check on the ruckus and Momma Hawk was in the nest. Rebel was standing on the southern edge and raising "Cain"

I got a few shots from below the nest, in the street. Got at least one horn honk too smile Went to the back yard with the binoculars just in time to see Yankee swallowing a piece of snake almost as big as him. I wonder if Momma Hawk knows the Heimlich Maneuver? She came close to needing it.

Momma Hawk lifted the snake with her beak to reposition it in the nest. She was preparing breakfast as fast as she could. Yankee likes to hang out deep in the nest, closer to the food preparation, so he got the big piece. Rebel was not too happy about it. I so wish I could get up on the roof right now. But if I do, my husband will be the one raising "Cain."

Jane Winkler, Editor
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