Hi Lisa

Wow- what a lovely review! Here it is for other folks:

Light behind the Angels on Amazon.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have lots of lovely comments on Amazon.co.uk, but just the two on .com ... now smile

I did originally want to write fiction, but my life suddenly became 'stranger than fiction' so it felt that the story needed to be written. I toyed with fictionalising it to hide the very personal bits, but decided that part of my own healing had to be to own the whole me & not just the 'flattering' bits. I may yet write a novel as several people have suggested I should- we'll see if inspiration strikes!

I think that is a valid point about the postage to the States- I will enquire with my publisher whether we could do Kindle.

Lots of people are clearing karmic debris from Ancient times right now, including Egypt. I think it is part of the whole New Age energy which is encouraging us to step into our power and be whole again.

We've had more Arcturian contact since the book, they are pretty important I think, but I haven't read much about them anywhere. Let me know if you find anything with the ring of truth about it.

If you have time & energy I'd love you to put your vote & comments on the competition site. And thank you again- getting feedback like yours makes the writing worthwhile! x