Lauren, I read your book this weekend, and what a page-turner! I added a review on Amazon also. What a fascinating and soulful book, and you are a great writer. Have you considered fiction also, as this really read like a novel - you were able to recreate conversations and settings in a very powerful way (not all non-fiction writers can do that I think, myself included!)

It provided many interesting insights for myself also. This period of time seems to be a kind of Egyptian 'karmic return' phase, in that many people seem to be cycling those past lives in particular and moving through barriers created at that time, or fulfilling promises of that time. Do you see that also with other people you work with?

One question I had is whether you have found any books re: Arcturians that you recommend?

Also, have you considered making your book available on Kindle? I initially hesitated to buy it, because the shipping to here in the U.S. was quite a bit. In the end, it called me so I did. But you might get more U.S. readers if it was available electronically. I have no idea what's involved in doing that however!

Good luck with it, and thanks for all you do:-)

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