Clinical depression is much more difficult than situational depression. Clinical depression is a biological disorder and not just someone feeling sorry for themselves.

Many people with clinical depression do suffer for years from it and medications/therapy is very beneficial in most cases. It may take time to find the right meds, but when the therapist and patient do find the right treatments, it really helps.

Conniem, you are not alone -- many of us have this clinical depression and it helps to talk about it with others who understand.

Clinical depression is not just an attitude of "that mentality of not wanting to do anything and not having goals/dreams/ambitions" or a "poor me" thing. It may seem "pointless to feel that way for long" to some who do not fully understand what a person suffering from this biological disorder goes through. It is a psychological disorder and takes a lot of courage and strength to cope with it.

People with clinical depression can and do have goals, dreams, and ambitions and strive to reach these, but it is harder for us to do so -- and when we do reach those goals, it is a much greater accomplishment than for someone who can achieve "greatness" on a daily basis and see it as a normal part of life. If we could "just shake it off" we would.

Nobody chooses to suffer from clinical depression.

If you have clinical depression please do not feel abandoned. There are others here who can help and understand.

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Walk in Peace and Harmony.
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