Hi Everyone:

What is your take on running the risk of contacting something when you are having "unprotected" sex because you are trying to get pregnant?

I did 24 years ago and have one child, my princess smile I don't care when and if you tested right before trying to get pregnant, some diseases do not show up in the tests. Now on the flip side, it is always wise to protect and test. Nothing like knowing what you are dealing with and making choices.

This is just my opinion, and respect everyone's - but there seems to be some stressing over this subject. Gone are the days of being able to ENJOY sex (in a loving and committed union). Sorry, I am not giving up on ENJOYING sex smile And I have gone years without it due to not being in a "committed" relationship.

Sex to me is about being special to EACH other...
And at age 52, soon to be 53 - I plan on enjoying it to the day I die with someone SPECIAL smile


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