Hi Jontay:

When you are with someone for keeps, you do what works for both parties. I do not sleep around and I am not going to live in "fear" of catching something. When both parties trust, get tested - I feel it is okay not to use condoms.

QUESTION: If no one stopped using condoms = no babies would be born - is this correct?

But I do respect your opinion smile

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I dislike condoms as well but I have realized in the day and time that we live in they are a necessary evil. To "pray" that the guy you are with doesn't have HIV or AIDS is not enough. Everyone alive who has HIV/AIDS prayed that the person they were with didn't have it but they did. You must protect yourself not only for yourself but for the sake of your child. Having unprotected sex is like playing Russian roulette, sooner or later you are going to catch the bullet.

HIV/AIDS can lie dormant in your system for up to 7 years. Just because your test is coming up negative now doesn't mean that you are in the safe zone.

Be aware.... Be safe.... Stay Alive!