I just experienced a miscarriage on Jan. 25 at 12 weeks. I have 4 children. My second pregnancy I had what was called a vanishing twin at 8 weeks, but carried out and delivered my heazlthy son Ashtyn, who is 9. At that time, I wasn't very sad, as i had not yet heard 2 heartbeats, and ended up with a baby in the end. This time, after 2 more healthy pregnancies, was much different, as i heard a heartbeat, and saw the baby and heartbeat on ultrasound. I woke up early in the morning with cramps that were annoying and felt like they were in my lower back. I thought maybe it was just my back aching, (as I have lower back pain often normally) or that maybe it was gas or something. So I tried to go back to sleep. My 1 year old woke up at 5 per usual, so still crampy, I went to feed him a bottle. The pain was getting worse. my husband came downstairs, and asked if I still was having pain, and I said yes, let me lie down on the couch as it was coming and going like contractions. Just as I was about to tell him, maybe we should call the dr., it felt like when your water breaks. A gush of liquid came out and I ran upstairs to the toilet. My underwear were soaked with clear fluid. I was scared and phoned the dr, got answering service and was waiting for a call back. II was very scared. Then I looked down and there was this thick, mucus like string hanging out of me with what looked like tissue at the end. As I was told to go to the hospital immediately on the phone, this gush of blood came out and did not stop. At hospital I was losing so much blood so quickly, I was about to pass out, they started 2 ivs and pain medication. They confirmed I was miscarrying via ultrasound. No d&e was performed, dr. said let it take its course. However they wanted to give me a bag of blood as I came in at a normal number of 12 and within hours went down to a 6.2. I refused it cause I am always scared of disease. So they gave me iron supplements and kept me overnight. They gave me medicine in suppository form, as they came to find tissue and placenta were stuck in my uterus. I was sent home the next day. As of last week my hcg levels finally hit under 5 and are back to normal, although i am still bleeding and have only not bled about 5 days since the miscarriage. It has been a total of almost 7 weeks since that day. My blood level is only at an 8. They put me on birth control pills to try to regulate my hormones back to normal, and I am still waiting for the bleeding to stop. This has been such a sad, traumatic experience for me, and I feel for all of you as well. Nobody knows what it is like, until you experience this kind of loss yourself. I am sorry for all of your losses as well. Have any of you had issues with the constant on and off bleeding? I dont know if I will try again as of now I am very scared after this, yet feel i want one more child. I am on an emotional rollercoaster. Best wishes to all of you and i now know I am not alone. God bless:)

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