I am eighteen years old and have been through the exact same experience as all of you on this, with the exception of I didnt have a D&C, things just happened naturally. I was 7weeks pregnant and experienced light bleeding for 2 days, went to the hospital and was told I was OK and sent home. On the third day however, I experienced extremely heavy bleeding and strong cramps. I went to hospital and was told it was a threatened misscarriage. I went into denial and continued to live life as if I was still pregnant. My partner was upset but supported me- even when I refused to accept the fact we had lost the baby. A few days later I was brought in and misscarriage was confirmed. I fell apart outside the hospital and was in agony, physiccally and mentally, for the next few weeks. As nobody knew about the preganancy, I felt I should carry on normally. I fell pregnant again accidently a few weeks later and am now 26 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I have been on eggshells the whole time, going to the hospital with the slightest pain. I am delighted about my baby, but I am not over the miscarriage, even writing this I am crying and feel I can't stop. My partner doesn't want me to think about it as I should be happy about the baby we're having, but I just cant get over it. my due date was march 19th, i dont know how i'll handle it.