[quote=isiseyes]I started crying when I read the first message on this thread because I completely understood. My husband and I tried for our child, but I never wanted a girl. When we found out it was a girl my husband knew I wanted to abort "it" [/quote] Then you clearly had kids for entirely the wrong reasons. Real parental love is unconditional, NOT "I love you IF..." as in your case "I love you IF...you are born a male." Are you kidding me??? What's with parents placing conditions on WHAT they want their kids to be like, and withholding love (or in some cases even TOLERANCE) if the child falls short of their conditions and expectations. Hey! The kid didn't ASK to be born! They were brought into this world because YOU decided to bring them here...so stop copping out of YOUR JOB and giving them anything less than they deserve. Are you feeling bad because maybe it's HARD and because you didn't feel that magical "love at 1st sight" moment? That's movie propaganda! I don't see this as a poor mommy who's stuck coping with breeder's remorse, I see it as a POOR KID who is stuck coping with a mother who can muster a half-@*s love at best and has to spend the rest of her life making the best of it. All I hear in your message is what YOU'RE not getting out of the deal...GOD you parents can be SO selfish!