True Blood is a guilty pleasure. I read the books during the first season of the show, so it was interesting to see what Alan Ball took from the books. One of my favorite reasons for the show are the actors who play Eric and Jason-not too bad on the eyes lovers, and each are protrayed a little differently on the show. I like Book Eric better, but TV Jason better. The current Fae storyline was in two books I believe, and they are just now introducing it into the story on True Blood. Is it graphic? Sure is. Violent? Yep-I have a strong stomach and there were a few time I had to look away. But I think it does a good job for the target audience. I can't wait for next season, because I think there will be a lot more of the Sookie Stackhouse storylines incorporated. And the show would be just as great to be if they relied less on violence or sex so much and trusted the writers and actors, because I don't think they need so much of the shock factor now that there is a core audience following.

Kim Ringler