honeysuckle- there are nearly 200 types of these plants and bushes in the world today 180 types documented, my favourite is the lonicera tatarica . the flowers of the honeysuckles have an antiseptic effect and are made in to a syrup for medicinal purposes, chinese herbal medicine has various treatments on offer using this lovely looking plant. one cure for sore throats where the flowers are ground into a powder and blown to the back of the throat is very effective. care must be taken as not to inhale the powder into the lungs. the bushes are very attractive and no garden should be without one, although they do grow like wildfire and can often strangle other bushes nearby.i drink a fomentation of lemonade with honeysuckle flowers, nettle leaves with flowers, and dandelion flowers and stems, although i simmer the flowers for a couple of minutes before allowing to cool before straining the liquid. boiling too long can destroy the vitamin content.

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