only this afternoon i was discussing alcoholism with a complete stranger i met while i was out shopping, he was a middle aged gentleman and his concern about his two sons was quite open. he told me one son was an alcoholic and the other was smoking cannabis, i told the man i could identify with his worries. after he explained i told him that he wasnt alone with his problem with his two son has drank heavy since coming out of the army? he was with the united nations as a peace keeping force in bosnia and i told him i worry about his health all the time. just over 3 years ago i had a premonition that the road he used would be unlucky for him, i had an awful feeling about him being hurt? he got drunk and tried to cross the road at night and an articulator lorry hit him and put him in hospital? he discharged himself the next day covered in cuts and bruises, he did go back to have his tendon in his leg repaired though. i thought this accident would be the wake up call he needed but he still wont stop the drinking i am concerned about him and hope he will come to his senses, but he is an alcoholic and only he can help himself ive tried and failed.