I too had an early miscarriage in July 2010. I was only about a 1 month along possibly with twins. While the majority of miscarriages are due to chromosomal issues my doctor suggested that mine could have been due to traveling outside the country. My boyfriend was gung ho about taking a trip outside the U.S. I didn't think I was pregnant since I had so many false alarms so I went along, did some horseback riding, driving up tall mountains etc. I felt sick on the plane home and had trouble breathing. While there is controversy with air travel and miscarriages I was told by my OBGYN that her office advises no travel in the 1st and 3rd trimesters. I took a test the next day after arriving back home and it was positive, then confirmed it at my local clinic. I started bleeding 2 days later and rushed to the ER. While the ER doctor was hopeful, I still had a natural miscarriage. It is 5 months now and my body still thinks it is pregnant though I am getting my period but much shorter, my breasts still bother me, my nipples are always sensitive and I get severe nausea before my period. My advice to all women: If you are going to travel and are even half a day late for your menses, PLEASE take a test. I feel so guilty about my miscarriage because perhaps it could have been prevented. Also, if your body or instincts tell you to stay home, no matter what your husband/boyfriend says listen to yourself and don't travel, cancel your trip, there will be other chances to travel. While most miscarriages can't be stopped at least take percaution not to cause one. Thankfully they Bible says that aborted and miscarried babies will be resurrected once again, which gives me hope but that still doesn't help erase my guilt. Thank you and blessings to all who have suffered through a miscarriage. :)