Angela, I have to ask..."nipped as an editor"? What are those rules you mentioned? I can't get into the admin menu right now, and it's got me freaked out. Hope I'm not getting kicked out! I just love writing, and I really don't want to lose my spot here.

I'm glad you joined us here in this forum. Connie is such a sweet person and it's good to see that you guys have hit it off. smile

I hope the job thing works out for you so you can get back to PC. The economy is so bad here, it's almost a futile task trying to find a job. I'm finishing up training as a medical transcriptionist, but my dream is to have a job as a writer. Maybe someday...

Better get some sleep. Talk to you soon. smile

Kitten Kristine Jackson

The measure to which we judge others is the measure to which God will judge us. Be kind & understanding always. : )