Hi Kitten:

LOL, glad you caught on.

I used to be the Walking Editor, resigned and then came back as a regular poster "Phenix City".....

Then decided to go back to my "playful" self (the one that got nipped as an editor/lol = yep, those rules, which I totally understand).

My avatar is me, the me that is comfortable in her own "skin" and glad to be comfortable again. I did lose two very special ladies in my Walking Forum when I resigned, Walking Granny & my flower - but I thoroughly enjoyed them while I had them. We were family. I am happy to say that Beetle and Rosie still play the "Word Association" game on that forum. Rosie was not going to, but I begged her to go back and keep Beetle company smile Which she did. Now I am back and play with them as time permits. I am by no means as good at the game as they are, but it keeps me close to my "duo".....

Thanks for sharing about your life - helps me to better understand that EVERY mother-daughter situation is unique. For too many years I felt something was wrong with me. But now I am learning that we have to make each day count with our little darlings, but also know when it is time to get some space in between us (lol).

I am hoping to find another source of income in Phenix City when this temporary job in Orlando ends in March 2011 - if not sooner. Things change at the local university I work at. Of course I would like to be home like yesterday (lol). But working on figuring out a way to bring income into our household - he does not mind, but I am the type that needs to help.