Yes, and there is quality help but you won't find it in most doctor's offices.

If most of your seratonin is produced in the gut and you are deficient in seratonin why do they not do something to improve the gut? instead of just pumping drugs into you? that repairs nothing? is one expected to take drugs their whole life with no hope of being free of them?

One thing I have noticed as a nurse, it that the more chronic disease sets in the less effective the antidepressants are. They are a mask, as facade for much deeper internal physiological issues... the are a crutch which may be needed at times, but the crutch sould eventually be thrown for a cure.

If your depression has a hormonal basis you should have your hormones checked by a saliva test and supplement accordingly as you work to nourish your hormonal glands. Thyroid issues usually can be addressed by supplementing with potassium iodide.

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