So I am really late here chiming in! Life has been busy lately, but I couldn't tell you what I was doing. I like coming here, it is easier to talk about how I feel or things here with people that understand depression. At first my husband couldn't understand depression. He thought I should just be able to get over things. I think the longer I suffer the more understanding he becomes. He was the first to suggest a therapist. My mom always tells me to get my medicine changed. I have taken a lot of medicines over the years and what I am taking now helps. I just think I have to change the way that I look at things and I just know I am going to be depressed at certain times. Our oldest son died 2 years ago August (on my birthday). He was born on Christmas so that pretty much makes any holiday suck. This year my gramma died the day after my birthday. I loved her so much and still miss her tons. I am tearing up just writing this. Anyway, I am going to stop here! Thanks for listening everyone!

Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.