fishKitten, thanks for being open with us. If you can do, so can we smile

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LMAO!! laugh

When I read the posts about my being peppy and upbeat, I had to laugh! NO DISRESPECT INTENDED! I'm so glad you can see me that way because I try really hard to put on my happy face when I'm around people or online. I feel like it's my job on here to try to make others feel better, so I do my best to do that.

I read your posts to Kelley, my husband, and he laughed a little bit with me. My being the editor of the depression site is no accident. I've battled depression since I was 16 years old, and sometimes I feel like I'm losing the battle. My life is not quite as painful as it used to be before Kelley and I got married, so I'm more stable. I'm not medicated right now because of side effects I've had and potential ones from the last med prescribed. When I saw that it could destroy my liver and/or kidneys, I said, "I'll take my chances with my depression and mood swings." Maybe they can try something else when I go back.

But I'm really glad to know that you guys see me as upbeat! As for the cheerleader thing, Connie, I also try to be encouraging, so maybe that's my inner cheerleader coming out! smile

Thanks so much to all of you for your posts! Keep them coming! smile