Thanks so much for your posts, Connie & Phenix City!

Connie, you're right! That money doesn't make you happy, does it? I left a job making $1.50 per hour more, and returned to my old job a few years ago. With that little bit of extra money came a lot of stress and misery! It was so nice to get back to where I felt comfortable, even though the pay was pathetic! LOL! smile

Phenix City, welcome to our little forum. smile Hope you'll come back to visit again. And I think we're all guilty of contributing to our own problems to some degree. There are things we can do to change our situations, but sometimes it's just easier to stay in "victimville" because that's what we're familiar with. smile Taking the easy way out comes with a price, tho'--depression!

Kitten Kristine Jackson

The measure to which we judge others is the measure to which God will judge us. Be kind & understanding always. : )