first off, wow. long post! ;) ok. im not a guy. i dont relate with them at all which is why my relationship with my gf suits me perfectly. i guess what stands out to me is that this relationship is very new. spending two weeks with a person, despite how we feel in the moment, is not enough time to validate high expectations, when you're gone for 6 months. he's missing you! im glad he was honest about having a bf but i also think he's been honest in telling you what his boundaries are. he's open to having sexual contacts while you're away. the man likes his sex! can you live with that? do you think it's fair he should wait for you for 6 months when you're away longer then you've even known each other? it's hard i know. personally, i wouldn't want my gf having sexual relations with others if i had to leave the country. i know it would tear me up and the jealousy would potentially ruin us. at the same time, given the situation, (if i were you) i'd let this one go. give him the right to choose as he pleases until you return. had you of been in a long-term relationship, my reply would be different - hands down! but 2 weeks? also, stop investigating on him because you're killing yourself! besides, you're only finding out info he's already told you about. if he loves you, obviously he's not going to tell you every time he finds someone he momentarily fancies. sounds odd i know .. even for me. when you get back, have a good talk with him. discuss if you're still wanting to be together. find out if he loves you much the same. date again. after a period of time, investigate him then. if he's being dishonest, then you've got your answers (and ditch him). now is not the time.