My names charlotte and i'm soon to be 16. ive been going out with my partner 2 years now and recently we unexpectedly concieved a child. i had pain 6 days ago and so was taken into a&e and 2 days later my scan showed that at 12 weeks pregnant my baby heart had sadaly stopped beating at 8 weeks and 5 days . i chose to misscarry naturally but after 4 days of knowing i have had little bleeding on the spots of brown discharge everynow and again, i had hoped it would all be ove now, and the thought is starting to mess with my head, it all seems so cruel. i called hospital this morning and they could transfer me for an d&c but i'd have to go on the waiting list and wouldnt be able to have it til atleast tuesday ( in 6 days time). i was just wondering if any of you had any advice or way to make the natural misscarridge quicker, my body isnt responding in the way i would like it to, i wished it would all just hurry. please email me on thankyou x