I, too, am dealing with the loss of a pregnancy. I am 39, like Bonnie, and miscarried at almost 10 weeks on March 4, 2010. I have two boys, 12 and 9, and this pregnancy was a complete surprise! We found out I had a blighted ovum and I chose to let the miscarriage happen naturally...I had to wait over 2 weeks which was torture. My husband didn't want to try again, but I did. Needless to say, we waited 3 months to decide on birth control and didn't really use protection during that time. We didn't get pregnant so I am getting ready to go back on the pill. I have times when I am ok and other times when I just cry. I have times when I want to get pregnant and other times when I don't. I am a teacher and there are a lot of young women having babies all around me and it's torture! I guess I'm jealous and want what I lost.