Hi everyone - just got on to this now -- was lost and didn't know where to turn.. I miscarriaged 4 weeks ago, a missed miscarriage - but it was particalary horrendous becaue agter 3 scans (because of bleeding) the 3 scans showed very different things - first one showed baby heart beat (10 weeks preg) - told to go home everything is fine, then next scan showed no foetus, empty baby sac -- then told miscarrying to go home and come in for final confirmation scan that showed foetus and sac -- but went home and after a day of intense labour pains, starting haemorging and rushed to a&e where I was given pethadine injections for 3 days and finally had d&c 15the may - 4 weeks ago. On sat night last week i start hameorging again and passed a massive clot size of my fist, kept clotting and bleeding and went to a&e where they said i still have pregnancy hormones, hcg levels which is not normal 4 weeks after d&c. Gave me scan and they see something but don't know what it is. So tomorrow have to go for proper clear scan - and they are testing level of hcg hormones... i'm totally freaking out -- it brings up a lot of horrible questions as in -- did i actually need d&c? why didn't it clear all material? what did i pass on saturday night - my poor baby that was not given a chance - or just material that should have been cleared at d&c?... i have a 10 year old beautiful son at home -- but i feel although so blessed to have him.. really strange about the baby i've lost and wanted so badly and what the hell has actually happened to my body. I'm being told everything is abnormal - from full blown labour pains, to still passing clots after d&c... i might have a womb infection but how long have i had this and would this cause infertility??? i have tried to cope with the emotional pain, physical pain -- but all of this is now finally freaking me out totally..... very confused and sad -- and although i have support, people don't know what to say - they feel awkward... any advice ladies, or thoughts...?