[quote=FrenchCultureMelissa]I've been living abroad, Paris to be exact, for one year now. Since the chill of this year's very long winter has burned off, I no longer spend my days wishing for Texas' sunshine. There are MANY things that I miss, but most of all I miss Tex Mex cuisine. Try as I might to replicate flavors, there is something missing from my stock here. Fresh off the plane, I get my fix of the proper porportions of grease and spice washed down by an icy margarita. Throw in a sandy beach and you're in paradise. So, what do you miss the most?[/quote] I miss not being in France sigh. Have you tried La Perla in the Marais district it is a sister restaurant to Cafe Pacifico in London. I visited quite a few years ago but I would imagine the food is still good. It had great Mexican dishes but then I guess it will never be the same as Texas down Mexico way.