Everyone looking to lose some weight is always in search of some great tips. Unfortunately, everyone has a different body and it responds differently to all the factors affecting weight loss. The key to losing weight is finding a great eating program and training program that is catered to your individual body. Following a great eating program is the single most important aspect of losing weight. Most people focus on the exercise aspect, thinking that is the most important. They are dead wrong. Exercising only takes care of 20% of weight loss while your diet takes care of the other 80%. This means that what you eat is 4 times more important to weight loss than how much exercise you get. Finding an eating program designed for you is essential. This is a diet that you first input what food you like and dislike and the diet generator constructs an eating plan just for you. This way you have no incentive to cheat the diet as you are already eating the food you like while avoiding the ones you dislike. Thanks.

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