I just found out (through sonogram)that i lost my baby (14 weeks pregnant) there was no heart beat nor fetal movement. My doctor made me an appointment to see him in 2 weeks for more information. He wants me to pass my baby naturally. I am devastated by this I cant stop crying and i cant sleep at night. i saw a heart beat at 11 weeks and the baby was moving. what happens next if i don't pass the baby? i have to go back to work and my belly was starting to show and everyone at work will ask how is the baby etc . i have a hard time especially with this one woman from work who had LIED about her baby dieing at 9 weeks and she had to have a d & c to clean her out. i caught her in a lie 3 weeks later when she said "well i just had my abortion i cant afford the baby etc" ( i am pro life but i do not knock any one who wants to get an abortion) DO NOT LIE ABOUT IT! i understand people have choices and that is one they can choose. im not knocking people who get abortions but it makes me really mad she lied about it and i am faced with the fact that instead of what she lied about "my babies heart beat was not strong my baby died at 9 weeks etc" it happened to me instead.i haven't even passed my baby yet and am 14 weeks. i don't know how to deal with this. i am not dealing very well. i tried going to another website and asked for help or comments and no one even replied. i goggled info and this website came up. please some one help me i need closure and until the baby passes i wont have it. none of my friends have ever gone through this so i am alone in this. thank you for any input or advice!