I finally went into the basement today and cleared out my Dance Dance Revolution area again. I have it all set up - the PS2, a monitor, the dance pad hanging on hooks, a "foam pad" on the floor so I'm not dancing right on the concrete. The problem is the basement is so messy that my dance area quickly gets overcome with stuff. But once I went down it really didn't take that long to clear it back out.

Then I danced! I was worried that I'd be really awful, since it's been a while since I was dancing. But I wasn't too bad! I started with "In the Navy" which is a killer jump-constantly song (well killer for my fitness level). When I very first got DDR this song slayed me. I made it all the way through! I then did 2 other songs.

Then I went back for another round and because I kept hitting the wrong buttons I ended up doing "In the Navy" **three more times in a row**. My calves were shaky by the end! But I did it, and I'm feeling fine now!!

Is anyone else a DDR fan?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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