"You are forever responsible for what you have tamed."

A very dear friend of mine just posted this quote in the thread from I Want an Exotic Pet - Now I Don't. I really thought it would be interesting to examine what we all thought the meaning of this statement meant to each of us.

To me it is weighty and deserves some serious discussion. We recently talked about chimpanzees and if we had the right to capture and hold captive a great ape very similar to us, humans. We also touched on the possibility that we may indeed be enslaving these primates.

Slave - Meaning �to subject somebody to a dominating influence that takes away his or her freedom.�
Encarta � World English Dictionary � & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation.
Both my friend ncc4200a and I love parrots especially macaws and I believe it has been proven they are just as intelligent as a chimpanzee.

We no doubt have the responsibility of caring for anything we hold captive as pets. Parrots are highly social. It is a huge responsibility to be their family.

It is interesting to examine ourselves; and our need to tame these species, is it our need for love? As I look around me right where I am sitting I see four pets at this very moment. Other than the fact I can only see half of a monitor they all appear quite content. It will be interesting to see where this discussion goes.