Okay, I'm sorry, too. I get so defensive and a monster comes out. I'm a bit of a hot head and yesterday I was feeling quite hateful. Cool Friend, I was responding to gullivera who asked me about aborting my child. That really ticked me off and a whole barrage of horrible, mean replies jump into my hot head. I bit my tongue for the most part. But be easy on Solalux. You may not understand the full story and it is unfair to judge her feelings. Feelings are separate from actions; feelings should never be judged, only actions.

Solalux...you are among friends who understand your feelings. I read a lot of your posts and you are a very well-rounded person according to me (probably more than me, too).

Michelle, are you peeking into my windows or something? Holy moly, you picked a day right out of my life with the sick kids, flu, and cookie jar! You are very right and very understanding, thank you. Everything you said was truth.

I want to share this with all of you, too. This morning was a rough morning with about 10 meltdowns in a half hour with me asking God "why? why me?". After I finally accomplished getting them all in the car to go to the WIC office for the 2 hour recertification process, they behaved like perfect angels. We talked about our shortcomings and why they were cranky and fighting eachother, how to make it better, and what they would do today while I'm at work. When I left them with their new sitter (which is a whole other story of the nightmare nanny getting fired) they gave me the biggest kisses. My little Kayla gave me three big kisses and said "bye bye mama" with a big smile. It was a nice calm after the storm. And that was a moment where I loved being their mom because they love me so much.