Life is not worth living without children? What? I doubt that very much. My life started a long time ago, having kids is another milestone in life, not my reason for being.

Mine wouldn't be worth living without children at this point, but I have kids, so being without them would be devastating. My life before I had kids was great, too. I LOVED being single, loved being in love, loved living alone and going for crazy weekend trips with my dog to Florida and sleeping in my car among all the other adventures I goes on and on. I chose to have children, I just didn't expect so much.

If you are content as is, then I would remain that way unless you absolutely want it. If you don't, you may resent it and/or him, which would not create a very content atmosphere. Having children is (or should be) a very big decision for everyone and is not to be taken's very much like a box of chocolates because you never know what you'll get or how many (in my case anyway).