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Being a mother does involve a huge sacrifice and your life is never the same. I, too, made the fatal mistake of choosing the wrong man to marry. But I love being a mother. My kids smiles and the funny things they say give me so much happiness and make my life worth living.

I guess you are answering a particular post, and you make good points.

I just wanted to say that, I am married to a wonderful man, and, although I don't use the word hate anymore, let's say, I don't enjoy being a mother. My son was unwanted (by me) I considered abortion, didn't do it for the sake of my husband, who really wanted to be a father. And he is the best father in the world. I never liked children, or rather I could see the cuteness in them and all, but I never got to understand, why people have them.

When he was born I felt only sorry and for him. Some days were better than others, but I pretty much hated my life. Things have improved, my son is over 2 years old, funny, I love him. But I would never have another child. I REALLY don't like the job.

What I mean is, every case is different, maybe some people are unhappy in the marriage, and pick on their children. But it is not always like that. You say you love being a mother no matter what, and that is wonderful. But it is not like that for everybody. For sure not in the "I hate being a mom" thread.

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