You may not realize it, but you sound a bit condescending, which is probably harsh to you. If you love being a mother, you have no idea what it feels like to be at the diving point and ready to give it all up. It's not easy for all of us because there is a huge amount of mothers who do hate it sometimes, some of which posted on this site and just want an ear to listen to them vent out their frustrations since noone else cares to listen. Without that venting, the battle inward rages and it hurts ourselves and those around us, which is exactly what we don't want.

If you had completed reading the thread, you would have seen that after venting it out, I was embarrassed and wanted to retract it because I felt better. I've learned to adapt now in my situation at home and because there are other mothers here to talk to, even if it is in a virtual world.