Yes, I am also upset with mandating any type of vaccine. Especially if the companies will not be held liable for any malpractice or "bad batches" of vaccine. I am a nurse who recieved the flu vaccine once and became very ill off and on over the next year. I generally do not get very sick except for the occassional cold. I have not recieved the vaccine since and have remained fairly healthy each flu season. I believe that it is each individuals choice as to recieve a vaccine or not. Everyone reacts differently to medications, vaccines, etc. I believe this gives our government too much control. If you follow the basic hand washing, take a multi vitamin and extra vitamin C daily along with a healthy diet, you reduce your chances of catching other communicable diseases and/or decrease the severity if you do become infected. There is a lot of information on foods and vitamines that help boost ones immune system and different things one is able to do to decrease risks without injecting a possibly a harmful virus, dead or live into ones system.