Jase just sent me important news about Kiva -

Kiva in the NY Times

I have to say - I'm feeling traumatized. Here at BellaOnline we send them *millions* of free ad views every month. I actively support them myself, I save up money to donate and then I carefully choose the person I want to give it to. I read their profiles, and go through page by page. I want to make sure I'm really doing a good job of choosing the perfect person.

And now they're saying it all goes into a lump fund, sent out to banks???

Not only does it seem I've been wasting my time, and that my money could be funding people I feel strongly against, but also I feel the Kiva organization has been incredibly deceptive in what they are marketing!

I am seriously thinking of taking all the Kiva ads down and focusing on the other groups we support. It's not that the ads would go to "waste" - there are plenty of other charities who need our attention.

I was *so* enamored of the Kiva model, and I am feeling very disillusioned.

What are your thoughts?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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