Thanks for sharing your story,Debra!

I have a previous work history, but after being laid off due to budget cuts in 2005, floudering around unhappily in Corporate America and doing some part-time work that was even more stressful for me, I decided to seek disability payments.

It IS a daunting task, but anything worth doing takes a lot of dedication and energy. I didn't let the long, dragged out process get me down and just knew the journey would end in my favor. Good for you for sticking it out and thanks for the tips!

I've also become aware of programs that can help someone with disabilities continue to keep their services and benefits and still have a small business. Check out an agency I'm a part of, The Power of the Dream. We are based in N.C., but can connect peopel with disabilities with resources--such as Vocational Rehabilitation business plan help, to get people with disabilities working in a business designed around their abilities and interests and build their professional supports around it.