Just to let everyone know, it took me two and a half years to get my disability and they never even looked at the fact that I had severe Fribo. I had to get a lawyer, denied 3 times, which is their regular tactic and then go before a Judge and be totally humiliated and a week later, based on 2 herniated disks, they gave me disability. There was not one word of Fribo mentioned. Yet I received back pay but never could figure what the lawyers were doing for me, since my old medical records, of the disk problem, was what they based it on. And I paid them $5,000.00 for filing papers! People beware. It will take 2-3 years if you are under 50. 1-2 years if you are 50+ and at least 1 year if you are 60. They do not want to pay for this condition because so many are still blind to this illness/disease. You may have better luck with a secondary condition, as I did. And don't give up. They hope you will, based on the time frame. I even had to file bankruptcy the month after because it took so long. Also, they can not touch your award money if you do file for bankruptcy.

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