You are hunting rabbits with your hunting dog on walk-in public lands. You are near a 2 hour walk from your vehicle, so you are deep in the sticks , so to speak. Suddenly, from a distance, you hear your dog yelp in pain. Upon finding your pet and hunting companion you find that it has been caught in a trappers trap. Unable to release the trap, your pet quickly expires. What do you do? The trap is a legal piece of equipment for trapping furbearers in your state. It is labled and appears to have been covered and placed correctly.Your pet, being a flushing breed, just followed it's nose. What would you do?

This scenerio recently occured here in Kansas, with the rabbit hunter and owner of the dog presenting his case to Kansas Wildlife and Parks committee to have trapping on walk-in hunting public lands made illegal.Is this fair of the rabbit hunter? What do you think the Kansas Wildlife and Parks committee should do? Is it not your responsibility as a hunter to know your state regulations, what other hunting seasons are going on and where other hunters might be?

MaryBeth Crabb