Well, turns out I've been ripped off too, and by someone who was reccomended to me through Ebay. I paid $85.00 in total for a statue and kept getting told by this person that they were busy and would send it. As he was reccomended, I let the 45 days go buy without filing a complaint with Paypal - now I find out he's scammed loads of people and has changed his Ebay name three times because of it. I've tried e-mailing him and have sent him a charge for a refund but haven't heard anything - the communication has stopped. So there are sellers out there just as bad, not that that makes it any better. I realise how you feel completley Lisa, it's SO frustrating to think someone has my money and I have nothing, to think I trusted someone foolishly as well. Just shows you can't trust anyone when it comes to money unless you know them personally. I've contacted Paypal & told them about all his Aliases, and asked if there's anything they can do - but I doubt it. I could really use that money as well - I don't get how ppl can behave like it. The person I'm dealing with is a full grown man in his forties, what's the world coming to???

Steven Casey
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