Ok here's the situation, and nothing has happened yet, but it almost did...

I went to my cousin's house, because he was throwing a party. Well at his party, I met a bunch of really cool new people. One of these people that I met at my cousin's party was my cousin's wife's sister (hopefully that isn't hard to follow/understand), and I found myself VERY attracted to her. We were innocently hanging out with everybody else, and a lot friendly flirting occurred between us.
The flirting was pretty innocent overall, but I definitely sensed enough chemistry between us where the flirting could of easily been taken to the another level by either one of us.

Well, sensing that this was happening, I decided to nonchalantly avoided her the rest of the night. The thing is, I can't stop thinking about her now, and I'm genuinely very interested in her.

So if she shows enough interest in me, do you think it's ok for us to try dating, regardless of the circumstance?

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