I see no reason why a Christian child should not be allowed to read books with magic, fairies, enchantment, etc. As long as the parents teach the child that what is in the book may not be what is truth according to the Bible. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ - yet is not Christmas time full of magic and fairy tales? Elves, Santa flying in a sleigh pulled by reindeer that can fly. Santa being able to deliver at least one toy to every child in the world in one single night.

The people of the world have been raised with stories of myths, enchantment, fairy tales, legends, folklore for eons. There is not one single society, culture, faith, religion that does not have some form of enchantment or fairy tale. It is up to the parents of the child to make sure the truth is distinquished from the fantasy. Every child deserves the right to pretend and live, if only for a few minutes, in a land of enchantment.

Even if the land of enchantment may not be real, it often saves people from going insane with the reality of life in the real world, the world we have to face every day. As long as one does not get lost and trapped in fantasy or enchantment, it is a fun and exciting escape and one I would not deny to any child.

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